Guide on building the residential areas in SimCity buildit

SimCity buildit is a popular game that includes everything starting from residential areas to industrial areas for attracting new residents to live in the city. It definitely looks like a long process game and this is the reason why this game needs a lot of patience in the beginning. This game came into the market in 2014 and was developed by EA. Here there will be the Mayor of the city who will need to construct new infrastructures and upgrade them in order to make a magnificent city.

Residential zone guide

One thing that you should always keep in mind and that is not to overbuild anything because you need to maintain a good balance between the service count and the building count. If you have a huge amount of unhappy citizens whom you are not being able to provide with the right services then they will abandon you quickly which will decrease the taxes which you receiving. So now you will be left with the abandoned buildings and the low cash. So it is very important to balance out everything. There is no need of rushing up in this game.

Roads are the most important as well as the expensive thing when it comes to building or upgrading in this game. Upgrading the roads won’t take a long time but make sure you are rethinking the decision again and again before opting for it. After you complete the upgradation process you won’t be able to move the roads anymore.

It is important to place the buildings in a place that is very much populated. In this way, it will keep the citizens happy and it will also attract a lot of population that will help you in generating a lot of taxes. Always try to build new things like the park or other amusements that will attract new citizens and increase the population.

Always keep the industrial zones away from the residential zones. In this game the citizens are like the real person and hence keeping the residential zone away from industrial zones is very important because it is going to pollute the residential areas. Moreover build the residential zone in a beautiful place that should be filled with greenery and should be free from the issues regarding water, pollution and electricity issues.

When you will playing the game at a certain point you can only permit 3 ongoing projects and it will take a maximum of 5 houses for the upgradation which doesn’t include default building. So 8 upgrades will be carried. You won’t be able to upgrade the abandoned buildings as there are no residents in those areas who will give you the credit. If you unlock any new building then you reach any maximum limit of the population then you can easily upgrade the abandoned building.

It is believed that in SimCity buildit 30 and 31 is considered to be a magic number and anything which is greater than this number is considered to be too much. It’s very important to maintain a balanced population and provide all the adequate services and utility building to keep the population contented in your city.

One can also use the SimCity buildit cheats from for speeding up the upgrading procedure for getting more resources. These are the few tips that will help you to build the residential zones properly.

Things to know about Free Fire Battleground

Nowadays one can see a lot of explosion of the survivalthemed games. Free fire Battleground is a survival strategic centric game which one can play on their PC, Android, or iOS devices. One needs to plan properly in order to survive in this game. This game is loaded with various unique mix and different types of vehicles, ammunition, tools, the character can be seen in this game. A player needs to use various weapons in order to fight the omnipresent threat.

Free fire Battleground has been developed by the Garena International. It has gained a huge popularity in the past few years and many more similar games have inspired by it.

What makes this game different from the other?

This game has a lot of environmental setting which one can explore while roaming through the island. The game is having a fascinating graphics which gives an Illusion of playing in a realistic world. Both the visual and sound effects are complimenting and syncing efficiently.

One can find a great inventory in this game which is loaded with a various weapon, equipment, resources, gears and everything that needs to make this game more fascinating in an island that is shrinking and is having opponents who are waiting to kill them. One needs to have a proper backpack with helmets and vests for protecting themselves from any attack that can cause serious injury. You can find close range weapons and longrange weapons. Always pick the weapons according to your preference. You can also use pistols or assault rifles but make sure you can use it comfortably during the combat situations.

The player also gets the opportunity of driving a different kind of expensive vehicles in this virtually real world.

You can play this game in squad or solo mode. One can easily play with their friends and make a squad consisting of four players.

In the beginning, the players will have to start with the basic character but with every leveling up they will be unleashing new features starting from clothes and rare items which they will have to buy from the vault.

This game comes with a smooth gaming control and it also has the autoaiming option for the players with weak aiming capability. One will be provided with the virtual joystick that will help a player to navigate around.

One can use the Free Fire Battlegrounds hack from for progressing in this game quickly. This game will keep a player hooked up to it for long hours.

Beginners guide to playing clash Royale

Supercell has launched the new game called the Clash Royale and they were also the developers of Clash of Clans game. Clash Royale is a combat game in real time just like coc. This is an obsessive game and it is played in almost every mobile game from the year 2016. So if you are playing the Clash Royale game then this guide is going to help you in the beginning stages.

Guides for Clash Royale

Metagame: Here in this game there is a core Meta where you will have to collect all the cards and then improve them. But you will have to build a stronger deck for the gaming experience. During the training procedure, you will have to be very much straightforward.

Buy the cards: During the beginning, you have to buy these cards with the help of gold currency from the shop. In this way, you can easily get the cards which you don’t have in your collection and then update them. You can easily pick the common cards as they are really cheap so you will have to check these shops daily for staying on the top of inventory.

Achievements: Supercell has now included achievements in this game. Some achievements are very much easy so you can easily get the gems from there. You will have to give more efforts for donating or collecting the gems. Achievements will help you to easily level up.

Free chest: Chests help the player for getting more cards. You will get a free chest with the capital name F which will be available to you after every 4 hours. You will also get the Crown chest with clash royale cheats which you will only get once a day but you will have to win at least 10 Crowns in multiplayer mode for matchups.

Deck building: Building the deck is quite a difficult process in this game. In the beginning, you will have to dispose the tool from the inventory and then you will have to build at least 3 decks. If you can successfully build a deck then you can easily copy them in the top of the interface of the card.

If you can easily follow these steps then you can easily level up at the beginning of the game. But also select the troops properly because it will help you to proceed in the game. And make sure you are collecting huge resources for upgradation.